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The Needles Landmark Corporate Identity, Brand Guidelines and Signage

On 02, Apr 2015 | No Comments | In | By CQ2

The Needles Landmark Corporate Identity, Brand Guidelines and Signage

The history of The Needles Park is truly fascinating, yet the commercial aspects of the site overshadowed the heritage and natural wonders (Marconi monument, Alum Bay, Needles Rocks, Trinity Lighthouse).

A more unique position and a stronger brand would give The Needles gravitas – because a strong brand has pull.

Communications have now changed forever.  In response to media fragmentation and changing consumer habits, DMOs, resorts and attractions are rethinking media strategies to leverage ‘owned’ media (their websites, social media channels and the destination itself) in addition to paid media.  As the media and branding strategy changes, so too must the messaging strategies. No longer is it as easy as having one message for one audience. Nowadays The Needles must have one (strong) brand position that can be expressed in many ways and on many platforms for a variety of small, diverse audiences.

The Brief

To formulate a (new) cohesive and consistent Needles Park brand identity (for both on and off-site communications) that can start to be implemented from January 2015 onwards.  

To put together a detailed set of brand guidelines for use in all external communications (websites, printed literature, press advertising):

Approved (main) logos

  • The Needles

Approved sub-brands Landmarks / Attractions / Catering / Retail (see note below)

  • Alum Bay Glass
  • Pier Head Shopping Emporium
  • Marconi’s Tea Rooms

Approved Taglines
Approved Typefaces
Approved colour palettes
Approved imagery
Approved typography
Approved language
Approved marketing materials

To conduct an on-site audit of all current Needles Park signage (and the overall customer journey) in summer 2014 and to make appropriate recommendations.

To develop a comprehensive on-site signage pack  and customer journey that supports the agreed brand identity and delivers a ‘sense of place’ across all on-site signage, sub-brands and product offerings

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