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Print and display design

Print design, display material and branding.

We are vastly experienced in traditional methods of communication and implementing brand values across all media including print design, display material, branding and marketing.

At CQ2 we control projects from the earliest concepts to the finished product.

Design and Print of Jamieson Contracting brochure

Even in this digital age of ipads and mobile access, print still plays an important and necessary role in reaching and engaging with many audiences. Particular sectors such as the Public Sector, education and tourism, need print as part of their marketing strategy.

Tourist and Public Information Centres across the country rely on a wide selection of printed material to give to the customer. The presence of printed material for many businesses can help to build their brand and reach and inform their customers in a way technology is still unable to. The key skill is to make a piece of print stand out from the crowd and to produce it within the constraints of a campaign budget.